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Welcome to the TEMAS AG

Andreas HalbleibI’m excited to welcome you to our homepage. My name is Andreas Halbleib and I am the new owner of TEMAS AG.

I would like to tell you a story…
My father in law was a fruit farmer and I would like to use something he taught me as a concept for TEMAS AG. He once showed me a rare pear tree in his orchard. Over many years, he grafted four different pear varieties on a single tree. from a single root and stem came different types of pears. As a city boy, that impressed me and I’ve never forgotten this idea.

What does this mean for TEMAS and me? TEMAS is a 20 year old tree that bore fruit successfully in the past. Under my new ownership we will use the existing stem and deep roots to bring you a variety of products, but the foundation remains the original stem and roots.

TEMAS AG will become a universal business for your biggest challenge: The continues Change! The daily changes in the markets, technologies, changes within your clients, employees, environmental and politically and the cultural changes. To the benefit of your company you have to address those changes directly and transform them into successful processes and results. Most important is to see those complex change processes with a whole view and not only tackling single elements of the processes, hoping the rest will fall in place by accident. That’s why the TEMAS AG will become a universal company supporting you in solving your problems with an overall view (Technology and Management) by taking care of your markets, clients, employees and your products in an aligned approach.

TE stands for Technology consulting, MA stands for Management consulting and S stands for Services. We have a guiding principle: Our work and profession is consulting, but our motivation is to deliver results.

That’s why we are looking forward to work with you in the future, to tackle your challenges and to find solutions that will secure your business results.

With my best regards
Your Andreas Halbleib

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New address:
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zürich

Andreas Halbleib
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