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Do good manners still have value today?

Actually, I wanted to continue today at the point where I stopped my last blog entry. With the question: Where are all the good leaders? But there has been something that happened since I wrote my last blog entry. Namely the question: Do good manners still have value today?

I admit, today I am writing this blog with some anger in my stomach. Whether that’s good I do not know, but I think a blog should also have a personal touch. Yes, I’m angry today, But actually for the past few weeks. Today I wanted to write mails to many managers who have attempted to contact me, but did not do it.

Are you aware of this too? Is that just me, or do you experience this non-binding behaviour too? Or are you just such a non-binding person? Sorry to point fingers on you if you are not.

Every day I experience this:
“Thank you for your documents, I’ll call you this week”! That was three (3) weeks ago.
“Tomorrow I have an appointment with a colleague; I would like to ask him if he would like to attend the meeting, then I will send you an invitation”! That was around four (4) weeks ago.
“Mr. X is coming back from vacation next week and we will give you feedback then”. That was also four (4) weeks ago.

I could cite a lot more from out of the sewing box (inbox of my mails). Is this okay, that we treat each other like this?

Even worse are those people who want something from you! You put whatever together especially for them. No “thank you”, no “I have received it”, nor “I do not want it anymore”. No answer, nothing, nothing at all.

When did we arrive without our good nursery experiences? Shouldn’t we learn something like this from mom and dad? To say thank you when you receive something? It frustrates me when highly-paid, but also lowly-paid managers forget their decency from home and behave like …….

Do we have to accept everything? I am annoyed by this behaviour.

What is the background of this behaviour?:

  • Lack of sensitivity?
  • Expression of power?
  • Acknowledgement that you are overworked?
  • Disinterest?
  • Laziness?

I do not know. I think a little bit of everything. But one thing is just funny, I’ve never read anything like this in a management book.

I agree it should not be there, because it is self-evident? But maybe we have to pick it up along the way.

If you are one of those who are also annoyed, then a thumbs up would be appropriate today. If you are one of those who do it yourself, then I would be glad if you would reconsider your behaviour.

I know the volume of mails you all get every day. But giving feedback when it can reasonably be expected one should be normal behaviour. And then to stick to keep doing it should also possible. And if something prevents a full response to say at least: “Sorry, something came up, I will answer you in a week”!

As I said, it is just good behaviour.

Kind regards Andreas Halbleib