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Elements of leadership: Giving people a Chance

It is not so long ago where I was in a management and leadership position in a big industry. I was one level beyond the executive committee and in this position, I was able to make a lot of decisions and it was my choice who could get a chance and who not. As I managed to grow as a manager and a leadership person because of good mentors giving me help at the right time, I was also always eager to give people a chance to make the best of their situation. And so I saw incredible results, often beyond my expectations, but I also saw poor results where it was clear that the person spoiled the chance given to them. This is part of development and the respective risk. But I never gave up giving people a chance.

A year ago I left the company as I could not live my values anymore. I became self-employed. I bought a company and now travel around, getting the chance to prove what my team and I could do for you. All that we would need is a chance. But it is very challenging, as most of leaders just work with their existing resources. There is very view hunger for new experiences, no pioneering spirit visible and no mentoring giving newcomers a chance. What has happened? Are all the leaders and managers forgetting that they reached this career level because someone gave them a chance?

Now we are in the Technopark, where I meet a lot of start up companies and they all have the same problem, lack of chance. It is not about the money or the reputation, it is the possibility that you can give someone a chance. Yes there is a little risk for you? Maybe the chosen person or company does not deliver as promised. So what, do all existing resources always deliver as accepted. If all companies give at least one newcomer a chance within a year, we would see incredible results and dynamics you would never have been expected.

So I have promised myself, if my company is one day successful I will never forget to give people a chance.
You can make a difference by giving a chance to someone new in business.