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The TEMAS AG Business Pyramid

Are you one of those people like me who want to start up a piece of equipment and as a principle won’t read the instruction manual? I am an engineer you know; I can do this good and intuitively!
One time I was sitting in the living room and tried to hook up the camcorder to an old TV. I really wanted to show my in-laws the first video recordings of our son. I plugged the cord in and out again, pushed buttons but nothing worked. After a while, my wife came in to the living room and asked me if I had read the instruction manual. I was upset and decided to try it again. The cord in and out, pushed buttons, nothing happened. My wife calmly sat down in the living room and read the instruction manual (this shows you how long I was experimenting with the “trial & error” principle). Then she got up, looked at what I had done and gave me two instructions: Plug the cord in over there and there and now hit play.
Voilà, it worked.

What does this again have to do with the business pyramid? The business pyramid is like an instruction manual for machines, the handbook for your business. Most of the businesses only have parts of their “instruction manual” up to date. And if it does exist, most employees have not read it most of the times and if they did, they put it back into the cabinet. Am I exaggerating? No, most businesses are talking about their visions and missions and strategies, but do they follow them? Have you grabbed the company pyramid in a management meeting and have you looked if what you have just decided in this meeting coincides with your “instruction manual“?

TEMAS Business Pyramid