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TEMAS AG – Your full-service provider

The biggest challenge of all businesses is constant change. Markets, consumer demands, technology change, as well as social and political conditions. The cultural surroundings are also affected by change. To keep all the levels of the business in balance, a solution approach that includes all those levels in finding a solution is substantial. The organization is in constant interaction with its products, employees and its strategy, vision, organization, business model and more, which is summarized in the term “company”.

In the center is the market or the customer. Now the skill is to always build upon all these changes in a way that businesses can constantly capture the market and the customers during their change processes.

Associated with there are not many degrees of freedom. You can adjust the product (making it better, bigger, more, less, cheaper…), you can adjust your employee count (what we like to do most) or you can adjust your company. It does not matter what you decide, everything will always be affected. Therefore, you need solutions that will take a complete overview (link) into consideration. That is the field of TEMAS. Here is where we feel at home.


TEMAS stands for an experienced and proven consulting service in the technology field. We have a very large network with a database of several thousands of scientists and specialists with whom we face technological challenges.
In the past years, TEMAS AG made a name for itself particularly as a specialist and dependable partner for safety questions in the nanomaterial field.
TEMAS AG is able to make a valuable contribution even with high-complex technologies.
It does not matter if it involves the support for basic research or project management , or for project revision, trust management of technical projects . TEMAS AG is your competent point of contact to optimize your products in complex systems.


TEMAS AG does not only support you with processes, but also with very special expertise. We can provide you with knowhow and expertise , either through our own personnel or our tremendous wide network. “We always know someone who knows someone with the knowledge of who can and wants to help.
We develop the knowhow for you and we are the specialists in the field of Safe-by-Design  in the field of nanotechnologies and also in general questions about safety and health within technological processes  as well as the Safe-by-Design training.

Management Consulting

Hereafter, TEMAS AG will offer competent management services. To consider all areas of change as a full-service provider, management consulting is an essential component of TEMAS AG. We support you with questions regarding business strategy , developing customer relations , support for merger processes or general integration and transformation work , team building processes und systematic development of the organization .


The basic philosophy of TEMAS AG is the goal of support to always place employees in the position to facilitate changes or to cover content on their own. Thus TEMAS AG also provides clear distinguished training and education offerings: The training of staff in terms of leadership, staff development , maintaining professional customer relationships, coaching  and presentations to develop and maintain.


The whole concept of consulting will be rounded off through the concept of service.
Placing highly qualified, scientific employees and specialists is a part of our services just as the consulting for the right innovation concept of your business. The TEMAS AG service concept is rounded off through many years of proven event planning in the technical field. In addition, it is our desire to support you with the question: How much digital 4.0 makes sense for my business?