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Andreas Halbleib

Andreas Halbleib

01.12.2017 – About us

Who are we

Andreas Halbleib I am excited to welcome you here to our Homepage.
My name is Andreas Halbleib and I am the new owner of TEMAS AG.

Allow me to tell you a quick story. My father-in-law was a fruit grower from whom I learned something that I want to use as a visual for the new TEMAS AG. One day my father-in-law took me to his orchard (as my father-in-law and I got to know each other better he took me to his orchard) and he showed me proudly a very special tree. It was an apple tree, but not an ordinary one. Over the years, it grafted five or six different apple varieties onto one and the same tree. And so he could harvest with one trunk and with one root different apple varieties. As a city dweller I was very impressed and I have never seen such result before.

Now what does this have to do with TEMAS and me? TEMAS is a “healthy 20-year old tree” that successfully had brought its “fruit”. When I took over due to retirement, we will add new “varieties“ for you with the same truck and deep, existing roots. But the base is and continuous to be the existing “trunk” of TEMAS AG with its very good “roots”.

TEMAS AG will be a partner for your most urgent challenge: Constant change! With daily shifts in the market, technology, customers, employees, environment, politics and not least the culture (internal and external), it is beneficial for your organization to change to financially successful concepts and results. That’s why TEMAS AG can assist you as a full-service provider to tackle these complex challenges with a complete overview of your business.
For this reason we have clear goals that we present in order to be successful for you. For example, through our work we bring together what belongs together:technology and management. Even though our service is a consulting service, our motivation always lies in bringing you results!

We are value-oriented. As we always focus on your individual challenges with perseverance and fun, we never lose sight over the big picture and always have a clear vision, mission and strategy to make our actions transparent for you.

With that in mind, we are excited to tackle your challenges and find solutions together with you in the future, which will secure your financial success of your organization and bring you safely to your goals.

With best regards,
Your Andreas Halbleib