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07.05.2018 – Hot Topic Thema

Guest lecturer

Andreas Halbleib on his first “school day” as guest lecturer at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Zurich.

He teaches in the basic course for Bachelors “Corporate Management with a focus on: Strategic Management and Organization”

It was also the first day of school for the students, starting a journey for the Bachelor, parallel to their normal working days.

26.03.2018 – Hot Topic Thema

Training institute of the future

Pleasant anticipation is the greatest joy. Your lucky day is coming soon. We give you the knowhow as a present free of charge for which you have to pay a lot at others. We support you and your company in your development to success.

The new TEMAS Academy is coming soon. The TEMAS Academy is a modern training institute of the future and offers amongst other things the following advantages:

  • Free eLearnings for self-study on our open Learning Management System. Learn whenever and wherever you want.
  • Modular and competence-oriented education and training for various roles and functions.
  • Modern blended learning approach with needs analysis, knowledge learning, behavioral training, transfer tasks, learning community and coaching.
  • The strengths and the network of TEMAS AG. We consult your company and stay until the desired success.
  • New findings from science combined with the practical experience of our employees and trainers.

Would you like to get the latest news or do you have questions? Write us a message on temas@temas.ch and we will keep you up to date or follow the TEMAS AG on LinkedIn. Be there when it starts.

07.02.2018 – Hot Topic Thema

Cosmetic products Efficacy and Safety assessment

How do I scientifically test my Cosmetic Claims? Our human skin explants models are modulated to simulate ex vivo a given skin condition thus helping you to identify the molecular mode of action of your products.

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We would like to give you more information. Can we reach out to you?
Or do you want to contact us? Then Dr. Blanca Suarez-Merino is available to you:
blanca.suarezm@temas.ch or on +41 (0)71 446 50 30

21.12.2017 – Hot Topic Thema


The new TEMAS website featuring our updated corporate identity goes online today. Visit the website at www.temas.ch and learn about the new services from our company which enhance our proven portfolio. And if you like it, we would appreciate you giving us your rating at https://www.provenexpert.com/temas/ (Christmas is the time of giving!).

We love colors because they symbolize strength, joy and diversity. Colors help to structure and differentiate. And when you start to mix them, you find many different solutions. This is what TEMAS AG is about.

We are available for your questions and challenges. We would love to serve and support you in the coming year 2018.

You can contact us at temas@temas.ch or on +41 (0)79 816 59 73

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year from myself and the entire TEMAS Team,

Andreas Halbleib
CEO and Owner, TEMAS AG

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