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change circle
If you face challenges through change, you are forced to look at all aspects of the business.
Single changes in a business do not exist. When something changes, it always impacts all the other areas of the business as well as the market and / or the customers. The change circle developed by TEMAS shows how important it is to look at the network of the organization – market/customer as a whole. It does not matter where within the circle the change occurred, everything will always be affected. Technological changes also must be addressed by management, the organization, the employees and the leadership. Last but not least, new or changed technology must also be well integrated with the customer again. The success of change processes lies with a complete overview and a successful execution. To bear in mind that unfortunately the change processes are often used as a collective term for all types of change. In reality, we are talking about integration processes on the lowest level, needed transformation processes and paradigm shifts on the highest and most complex level. That must be differentiated professionally and appropriately integrated into the organization.

This is the playing field of TEMAS AG, where we feel at home.