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Veränderungen erfolgreich bewältigen

If there’s something we can really rely on, it’s the change.

Career changes keep us coming: How will the new boss be? What does the new organization look like, or sometimes: Help, I’ll get laid off, now what?

Change means stress for many, sometimes even anxiety, and in some cases even panic or depression.

I have good news for you: it has nothing to do with your character, or if you are strong or weak. This has to do with how the brain works. This must be understood first and, secondly, through controlled design, to incorporate the processes of change successfully into life. They shape the future and are thus in a position to achieve positive results for themselves and their families from the change processes.

I can help you to face these challenges with analysis, insights and very practical steps. My support enables you to stand up to your ungainly feelings and to put the specter of change in your head in check.

Our coaching offer
Two-hour workshop and three hours of individual coaching.
The result is a concrete implementation plan to specifically tackle the change.

Date / Time
December 1, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
The appointment for the three-hour individual coaching is arranged individually.

CHF 800 .–, two-hour workshop incl. Three-hour individual coaching.

We look forward to you!