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Where are all the good leaders?

There is not a day that passes where you cannot read on LinkedIn about wonderful proposals, wisdom and hints for what makes a good leader. What should they do? How should they behave? In addition there are so many first class excellent writers about leadership: Peter Drucker, John C. Maxwell, Tom Peters, Peter Koestenbaum, Edgar H. Schein, to name a few. Having said this and in consideration of such facts, it is really astonishing to me to find so few good leaders. So – Where are all the good leaders?

When I read the articles on LinkedIn it is invariably employees who mark those words of wisdom with “I like” and comment very positively that this is what they would expect from their leaders. So where are they?

I freely admit most of these articles are excellent. But still, why do we have so few good leaders despite this availability of knowledge and advice? What are we doing wrong?

I am convinced we speak to the wrong people and we ask the wrong questions!

I am convinced we need to start to speak to those who are not yet leaders, to those who have not even started or are just about starting a leadership career.

And we should ask them only two very important questions?

Why do you want to become a leader and do you know the price of leadership?

Before a person starts to develop as a leader the person should know what it means and what it costs. And it should be very clear to them why they are doing it.

If they do it for the power, for the money, for the honour, for the visibility or for their reputation, we should help them to do something else and not to become a leader.

We have to start to inform the young people what it means to be a leader. What the consequences are. About the price of becoming a leader and that it is an everlasting responsibility and not just a “jacket” to be taken on and off depending on the circumstances. Leadership is more like a “skin”, it is worn at all time. It is about others and not about me. Leaders carry others and are not carried by others. Leadership is a responsibility in the moments of success and in the moments of losses and mistakes.

Why do you want to become a leader and do you know the price you have to pay? These are the questions we should raise.

This is what we should start to write about. And this is what my Blog expand on next month. Hope to hear from you again, Yours Andreas Halbleib